Muhlbauer High Tech visits Ghana

(L to R: Rev. David Forson, Mr. Samuel Larnyoh – Director EDLIS, Mr. Edward Dorsaa – Bus. Dev’t Mgr. EDLIS, Mr. Manfred Schmitz- Sales Manager, Africa Muhlbauer, Prof. Ernest Dumor – Executive Secretary National Identification Authority)

On August 8, 2006, Edlis received Mr. Manfred Schmitz of Muhlbauer to Ghana.  Mr. Schmitz then Sale’s Manager for Africa was the first official of Muhlbauer to visit Ghana to explore business opportunities in the high security and identification solutions business.   The visit was at the instance of Edlis International to honour an invitation by the Ghana National Identification Authority (NIA) which was seeking technical collaboration to develop and deploy the Ghana National Identification project.

Mr. Schmitz during his presentation at the NIA headquarters, touched on Muhlbaure’s vast expertise and experience in the smart cards productions, e-passports, RFID, and solar backend business to buttress their ability and competency to handle the NIA project at hand.   He further elaborated on other segments of Muhlbaure’s undertakings which involved sorting of micro-chips, Carrier Tape systems as well as automation, marking and traceability systems.

Prof. Ernest Dumor the then Executive Secretary of the National Identification Authority in his remarks after the presentation was full of praise for the technology and the high level of security employed and deployed by Muhlbauer.   He added that, indeed the level of sophistication was of international standards and was equal, if not above those that he has personally observed during his visits to conferences on high security.