OVD-Kinegram Africa Director first visit to Ghana

The OVD Kinegram-Edlis International relationship began in June of 2000. OVD-Kinegram, the world over, is a leading high security firm securing Government documents including passports, visas, driving licenses, birth certificates, land titles, tax labels and stamps etc.

Currently, it has over 300 Government projects worldwide. OVD-Kinegram’s quest to have a representations in the West African security printing and solutions space is very key on the agenda Mr. Holger has been championing for a few years now. Here in Ghana, Edlis International is the country representative in facilitating its meetings and presentations at the various Governmental institutions whose documents will require the world class protection solutions offered by OVD-Kinegram.

Mr. Reinke Holger has made about fiveofficial visits to Ghana since July 2012. Presentations has been made at the Ghana Lands Commission; meetings with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the current contractor of the Ghana National ID Project, Mr. Moses Baiden of the Margins Group.