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At EDLIS we LEAD! – that is, we Leverage, Enable, Advise and Develop. We have ‘lead’ in business and investment consulting in various business endeavors since July, 2005. Our core areas include;

    Oil & Gas,
    High Security & Identification Solutions,
    Real Estate and
    Representing Manufacturers in Ghana and the West African sub-region.

Leveraging: Our network of professionals, around the globe, puts us in a phenomenal position to create unlimited businesses opportunities for our clients.

Enabling:  We are diligent and pragmatic.  We stay dedicated in collaborating with you towards reaching and achieving your desired business objectives or goals.

Advising:  With our experience and extensive knowledge of business and socio-cultural dynamics in Ghana and other West African countries, we offer the best consultation services for your business needs, which in turn puts you in a position to make well informed decisions towards delivering on your strategic initiatives.

Developing: We take pride in establishing successful professional partnerships, working towards your needs and business development. Your success is our singular objective and our team is committed to helping you realize your vision.  

Oil & Gas

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Sec. & ID System

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