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EdLis International has developed an up to date database, analytical tools and engages in research with a network of experts who work to help its clients formulate strategic plans and undertake rewarding and profitable business activities in Africa, particularly in the West African sub-region.

Africa: The Next Business Frontier/Hub

Africa is the preeminent global business destination now and centuries to come.


Ghana is a vital and focal connection point between the fourteen (14) member Economic Commission for West Africa (ECOWAS). The country’s strategic location will facilitate the flow of goods, services and ideas in the sub-region. Ghana's wealth of resources, democratic political system and dynamic economy, makes it undoubtedly one of Africa's leading lights.

Gaining the world's confidence with a peaceful political transition and a grounded and firm commitment to democracy has helped in expediting Ghana's growth in foreign direct investment (FDI) in recent years.

Ghana has attracted the attention of well-known international businesses, which are investing in all sectors of the economy. All these investors have come to Ghana because they are aware of the wonderful conducive social, political and economic environment in which they can invest, grow and be successful.

Ghana has been recognised by the World Bank Doing Business Report 2014 as the "Best Place for Doing Business in the ECOWAS Region". Its present growth rate stands at 7.4% notwithstanding the difficult times and the economic downturn globally.

Business Intelligence:

The relevance of Business intelligence can’t be overemphasized; Business Intelligence aims at finding realistic business opportunities, formulating, outlining strategic and sustainable frameworks to realise them.

We have positioned ourselves to provide business and advisory services to prospective businesses and investors who want to do business in West Africa.

EdLis International is distinguished by a wealth of rich experience in sub-Saharan Africa. We provide cost-effective global business solutions. We get things done within the context of the local culture. We have respect for local customs and traditions. Our deep knowledge of the African terrain and relationships combined with our team of experienced professionals enable us to deliver results and services that our clients deserve.